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1st February 2008

thewinteroak8:13pm: January Status Post

Boy, its been a long time since I did one of these.
Here's a breakdown of the posts for January


January Status Post
Massachusetts Academy199
New Avengers110
Gray's Academy57
New York City25
London Hellfire Club14
San Francisco11

17th November 2007


Good evening, everyone,

Greetings from the past. TWO here, and I was wanting to do some
writing for the Mansion for a time.

Every year, we have a Subreal Holiday Party starting at Thanksgiving
and going through Christmas.

So, I think its time to do the same again. Just a simple story about
characters and writers arriving at the Xavier Estate for Christmas.

As before, feel free to bring any of your characters, as well as your
favorite holiday food, an ornament for the tree, and your sense of humor.

As for characters, anything from the Mansion, player-generated or
canon, is acceptable.

See you in a week, and Happy Thanksgiving.

The Winter Oak

8th January 2006

thewinteroak10:45pm: Monthly Plot Post
Good Evening.

Here is a plot post for the Hellfire Club, Excalibur, Scabbard,
Generation X, and Hellions

Excalibur: Mind Your Z's and Q's
The Zombie Queen has taken over the Swiss canton of Berne, and even now mobs of Zombies, humans under her mind control, are advancing upon the heroes.

Not only that, but the quick Jackrabbit, the explosive Facet, and the sinister Poison all protect their Queen from the advance of Excalibur against her station in the Clock tower.

Can Excalibur stop the Zombie Queen?

Pending: Excalibur: The Music of the Spheres
An archaic manuscript has come into the possession of Moira MacTaggart, describing the music of Ludwig Von Beethoven. The document describes on how his ten symphonies link to the ten planets of the solar system. But, surely there are only nine symphonies, and nine planets? And what does this have to do with the Aquarius Project? What is the Aquarius project? Will Excalibur be able to solve the mystery in Time?

Hellfire Club: Lion and the Lambs

The final assault on the Lion in his Den has begun. Even now, Sebastian Shaw and Naiad have distracted the forces of the mad Larry Trask at the main gate of the cult cavern compound.

At the same time, the forces of the Black Queen, Psylocke, and her allies in the White Court and the Black have penetrated and taken over the ventilation system of the underground base. Soon, they have pumped sleeping gas into the cavern.

But not everything is so simple. The Rams and their Dogs are dangerous, deadly even, and do not succumb. And now, a force-field protects the Lion's inner sanctum from the rest of the cavern. How will the Hellfire Club penetrate the defenses and stop the Lion and the Lambs?

Massachusetts Academy: Vini, Vidi, Vici
Its a quiet day at the Massachusetts Academy. Class is in session, with Wither teaching Physics and Caffeine teaching computers. Class is in session and Generation X has some trouble handling the daily routine.

Also, Emma Frost has to deal with a mysterious shipment of weapons and equipment she did not order. Instead, they have come from Sebastian Shaw! Is the Hellfire Club seeking to interfere with the Academy?
Emma has not yet recovered from her ordeal during the Recruitment Fair, perhaps Shaw is sending her a message.

Meanwhile, the young Heroes of Beta Flight have arrived and have challenged the Hellions to combat training in the north Meadow. Sparky and Portal face off against Ruubes and Negate!

Who is going to win? The Leafs or the Bruins?

Massachusetts Academy: Model Student
Not everything that goes on with the Mutant community happens on the campus. An art group nearby specializes in recording interesting anatomy, such as wings and scales and antennas, for works of fantasy art.

Several students, including the Dove, are ready for an art session off campus. Though at least one of the artists, the prognosticating Progress, is more than he seems.

Time for a field trip!

Massachusetts Academy: Detention Hall
Displeased with Trinity and Dove, the White Queen has thrown them into the underworld mindscape of the Morlocks to face Sabretooth! Perhaps this is unkind, but the Morlock's Caliban and Marrow are their to help. Can the two Mutant students deliver their message to the Morlock leader Calisto?

Massachusetts Academy: Quest for Redemption
Santanna has been tracked to her Cathedral, and the Hellions and the Faculty from the Masschusetts Academy have entered trying to find their missing Headmaster, Dhampyr. And even as they do so, the strange woman Lilith has told them that he is in danger! Too bad they don't know that she is the Daughter of Dracula!

Pending: Massachusetts Academy: 4MF
After Vini, Vidi, Vici, a new story begins, involving Emma Frost's
cloned children, Reverie and Hardlight, and their father...,
The Dark Beast!

Scabbard: Mutant Tour of Britain
The dastardly Bloodhenge attacked Micromax in his home, having frustrated the madman's attempt to take his daughter away. Now, in the aftermath, the Liverpool CID is asking to interview Arianna.

At the same time, Ebb and Flo are recovering at Muir Isle. So, one group from Scabbard is on its way to meet Excalibur, and to pick up the two orphans.

Also, in Oxford, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne are doing research into Pym Particles. Who else, other than the amazing Ant Man, to help Sprite become a normal girl again?

Its the Mutant Tour of Britain!

25th October 2004

thewinteroak10:00am: Thoughts
Focus. Must Focus.
Current Mood: working

1st April 2004

thewinteroak8:13am: March Statistics
LocationPosts SizeDaily Posts Daily Size% Posts %Size
Massachusetts Academy106 879k328 k 27%29%
Hellfire Club88 543k318 k 22%18%
Doom's End Game87 795k326 k 22%26%
X-Mansion38248k 18 k10% 8%
Excalibur34233k 18 k9% 8%
Steel Justice19 184k16 k 5%6%
New-York-City14 83k03 k 4%3%
X-Force844k 01 k2% 1%
Totals3943009k 1397 k100% 100%

16th March 2004

thewinteroak11:22am: I do believe this hasn't been announced here yet.

The one, the only, theletterx has begun construction of a new
web-page for our little game. The link can be found here:

thewinteroak9:13am: Mid Week
Time to begin the mid-week posting round.

TDF is ready for the Cellar Event. Probably obvious to anyone
who examines what little is in the room, and who is not there.
Kitty Pryde should be having flashbacks, though there is no sewer
under the floor.

LL is ready for the gathering of the Club, I think.
Most of the members are at a point where they can go to the
Hellfire Mansion. I'll mention it OOC, probably.

PH: Time for a huddle. Those players not going to the Heroes
meeting will be running into either the Token or Elmo.
I've dropped hints everywhere about the Token, and surprised
no one has twigged his true name yet. Anyhow, only one more feeding
for him to be corporeal.

DA: Kendall, Progress, and Onion are at the Base. I'm keeping
my character count down to three.

And going Inactive. Scarlet and Contact are going out,
but Smidsy appears to be going Active. With so many at the Academy,
the lil'Stinker has a chance to play.

5th March 2004

thewinteroak10:32am: Swiped from kahlessnestor
Here are the plots at the bases at which I am the baseholder. As
always, if you have an idea for a plot at one of these bases, let me



Team |Title |Authors |Status
Beta Flight |Doom's End Game |Jeff| 0
X-Force |Heart of Time, Part II |KahlessNestor | 1
X-Men |OPEN |NA | 0

Active Plot Summaries

DEG: Doom's End Game - Beta Flight and the Avengers

A new variable has entered the equation with the arrival of the
mysterious Factor 3! After initially surprising setbacks, the
Avengers seem to be recovering and beating back this new team, with
the help of the newly arrived Iron Man and…Moonstone? What is the
former Master of Evil and Thunderbolt doing helping the Avengers? And
did she just kill someone?! That's not an act becoming an Avenger!

Upcoming Plot Teasers:

HoT: Heart of Time (Part II) - X-Force

The missing members of X-Force have returned to their own time,
leaving behind Prisma's new husband, Will Scarlet. But they've become
enthralled to the mysterious Chronomaster, Sultan of Time! What plans
does this villain have for our heroines? Will the rest of X-Force be
able to save them?


thewinteroak10:31am: Plot Post
The Winter Oak Presents:

The Plot Post!

Stories covered the post:

Excalibur! TDF: The Deadly Fall
The Hellfire Club! LL: The Lions and the Lambs
The Massachusetts Academy! PH: The Pooka Hunt

Excalibur: The Deadly Fall (TDF)
Things are not well in the Black Pine building, though it seems
the heroes are on the upswing! After Pete Wisdom's group confronted
the Black Air Operative Threadgold in the Penthouse of the Black Pine
building, Threadgold ordered the building's computer, SCARAB, to take
out all the intruders. But as Pete's group escaped to the eigth floor
due to the assistance of Magik, Psi-Knight captured Threadgold using
her powers to construct a net. While dealing with the intruder system on the eigth floor, Illyana has taken the captured Threadgold and the witness Aimee Katsura to Limbo, while Pete Wisdom and Psi-Knight have
gone downstairs to join Shadowcat's team.

Shadowcat's team have escaped the attack on the fourth floor, where the robot Beltron was blasted by SCARAB. Beltron's head has been rescued by Mancat, as Poltergeist leads the way down to the Cellar Door, which leads to the mystery of the beautiful woman, (Aka Sekhment Conoway) in the basement of the building. Lockheed has beaten Wisdom to find Shadowcat, who has been injured when Scarab electified the stairwell.

But now...to open the door...

The Hellfire Club: The Lion and the Lambs (LL)
As members of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club,
both Royals and Pawns, go about their daily lives,
various strange individuals keep interrupting them.
In the sauna, at the curb, on the way home to the theatre,
they are confronted by various people all pestering them.

But as soon as their Mutant powers are used, these people,
the Lambs, collapse and cannot be questioned. And then the
Shepherds show up. Super strong, fast, and with a frightenigly
fast ability to heal, this robots seek to kill those who have
targeted their lambs!

Can the Hellfire Club get away from these human traps, and
find their souce? Find out, in The Lion and the Lambs!

The Academy: The Pooka Hunt (PH)
Generation X, the Faculty, The Hellions, and the Students are all finding out why people couldn't stand Larry Hama's run on Gen X.
Yes, The Winter Oak has gone quite mad, and brought the Token and
the Pooka into his base.

Or has he? As has been revealed in battle between the Token and the
Headmaster, Dhampyr, the Token is not what it seems. Its a demon,
not an elemental haunt of fear. What is a demon doing in the Biodrome?
And if the Token isn't a Token, then what is the Pooka? Already, the Pooka has gone out onto the campus and put colorful hats upon students
and teachers alike. The bodies of those affected go to the Biodrome,
while their minds wake up on a dreamscape in a tortured Astral Plane!

But the Faculty are on alert, and Dhampyr and Prime have sounded the alarms...but can the kids and their teachers be succesful agaisnt
their foes in...The Pooka Hunt!

5th January 2004

thewinteroak11:19am: December
Thread Posts
X-Mas Party 166
Doom's End Game 44
X-Mansion 39
Auction 30
Blue People 25
Massachusetts Academy 21
New York City 20
Death In the Sewers 8
Other 2
The Deadly Fall 2
thewinteroak11:15am: November
Mutant Mansion November Statistics
X-Mansion 78
Doom's End Game 29
New York City 28
Vandal Hearts 17
Massachusetts Academy 16
Blue People 11
X-Mas Party 11
Other 4
The Deadly Fall 4
Death In the Sewers 2

1st August 2003

thewinteroak9:32am: The Month of July
Plot/LocationPostsSizeGroupTotal PostsTotal SizePost SizePosts Per DaySize per day
Massachusetts Academy 2251695Faculty/GenX/Hellions22516957.537.2654.68
Peace On Earth 64636The Avengers1039519.233.3230.68
Avengers-Mansion 39315The Avengers
X-Mansion 59355X-Men966556.823.1021.13
Blue People 37300X-Men
Vandal Hearts 00X-Men
Dream A Little Dream 88687Limited Series886877.812.8422.16
Midnight Society 51296Midnight Society512965.801.659.55
Taskmaster Institute 41272Taskmaster Institute412726.631.328.77
Norway 30217Limited Series302177.230.977.00
Other 28186Limited Series281866.640.906.00
Summer Fun 36249Limited Series262499.580.848.03
Breakthrough 22145Crusaders221456.590.714.68
Crusaders 00Crusaders
The Deadly Fall 18146Excalibur181468.110.584.71
Muir Isle 00Excalibur
Hala Needs Women 1179CCC181347.440.584.32
Crescent City Champions 755CCC
Death In The Sewers 17138X-Force171388.120.554.45
X-Force 00X-Force
Hellfire Club 00HFC000.000.030.00
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1st July 2003

thewinteroak9:36am: The Month of June

NameMessagesSizeTeamTeam MessagesTeam Size
Summer Fun Limited Series1441226All1441226
Massachusetts Academy111749Gen X/Hellions/Faculty121830
Half A Dozen1081   
Blue People43329   
Vandal Hearts429   
Dream A Little Dream57416All57415
Peace On Earth30256Avengers44347
Avengers Mansion1491   
Taskmaster Institute29212TI29212
Death In The Sewers748X-Force1283
Heart Of Time325   
The Deadly Fall1071Excalibur1071
Muir Isle00   
Crescent City Champions433Crescent City Champions433
Hellfire Club00Hellfire
New York City00Assorted00

12th June 2003

thewinteroak9:19pm: The Bamf Squad

Collapse )
Current Mood: Geeky

11th May 2003

thewinteroak6:35pm: Things are out of joint....
Oh, my, I've missed the last two months statistics postings. :*hides face*

Oh, well. Two new story...no, three new story ideas I'm working on for the game.

First, its the 'Queens of Sorrow', a Hellfire Club story based upon the fact that ....
Zombie, Silver, Black, White, Red, Former....? Six queens for the Hellfire club, with only two slots?
Oh, dear. Perfect for staging a story. >:)
Mainly, I forsee a battle between the White and the Zombie.

Next is the "Something of the Biodrome", where Winter takes on the Pooka and the Token.
Oh, yes. I've got plans for something to happen when 60 new students suddenly add their
minds and emotions to the Massachusetts Academy population. Legion is in a good position
to be a key player in the storyarc, too.

And finally....I'm thinking of doing the June Picnic Story.
Picnic at the beach. Volleyball, Fishing off the pier, cookout with grill and potluck dinner,
And a clothing optional beach and Battlemechs for players to go up against characters and such.
Should be fun. I hope I can get it approved.

2nd March 2003

thewinteroak9:17pm: Canon List
Collapse )

1st March 2003

thewinteroak1:41pm: February Stats
Team Team Total Story Posts Size Daily Posts Post Size
X-Men 137 Blue_People 118 857 4.21 7.26
  X-Mansion 19 128 0.68 6.74
Avengers 99 WUWJ 87 671 3.11 7.71
  Avengers-Mansion 12 119 0.43 9.92
Academy 92 Massachussets_Academy 48 295 1.71 6.15
  The_Carnival_of_7_Mysteries 44 295 1.57 6.70
X-Force 32 Heart-Of-Time 23 183 0.82 7.96
  X-Force 9 50 0.32 5.56
Excalibur 27 The_Deadly_Fall 25 157 0.89 6.28
  Muir_Isle 2 22 0.07 11.00
Crusaders 18 Breakthrough 18 116 0.64 6.44
Alpha Flight 15 AlphaFlight 15 126 0.54 8.40
Spiderman 13 Spiderman 13 115 0.46 8.85
Other 5 Other 5 61 0.18 12.20
Total 438 438 3195 15.64 7.29

1st February 2003

thewinteroak7:09am: January Posting Statistics
Team   Story   Posts   Size   Average Size   Daily Posts
   Blue People   209   1436     6.74
   Wedding   9   80     0.29
     218   1516   6.95   
   Avengers Mansion   73   578     2.35
   What's Up With Jarvis?   141   1144     4.55
     214   1722   8.05   
   Massachusetts Academy  56  403    1.81
   The Carnival of 7 Mysteries  66  518    2.13
     122  921  7.55  
   Spiderman  76  527    2.45
     76  527  6.93  
   Heart of Time  29  216    0.94
   X-Force  23  154    0.74
     52  370  7.12  
   Holiday Party  2  13    0.06
   Other  28  291    0.90
     30  304  10.13  
   AlphaFlight  45  403    1.45
     45  403  8.96  
   TheDeadlyFall  29  208    0.94
     29  208  7.17  
   HellfireClub  25  155    0.81
     25  155  6.20  
   RomanianKnights  7  175    0.23
     7  175  25.00  
   Breakthrough  7  43    0.23
     6  37  6.17  
TOTALS    825  6341  7.69  26.60

29th January 2003

thewinteroak11:35am: Hahahaha.
Reviewing Blue People for my posting round tonight.
The plot is so busy, I made a thumbnail sketch of the events.
When I get a nice long one, I like to keep it somewhere. :D

That's really how I started out the old plot posts and location posts.
But that was before the game got so big. Imagine trying to do a dozen of these.:D:D:D In one night.


None of mine in place.
Iceman goes to see Wolverine
Bishop goes to Elevator
Psylocke needs outfit
Jean Grey frustrated
Wolverine escorts Deathcry to Xavier
Foto teleports Sasha

Brian and Meggan here.
Xavier in Study with Spellsong
DeathCry introduces herself, with broken crystal
Xavier dismisses Wolverine
Xavier questions DeathCry
Casse tags Brian and Meggan
Casse tells of how to read a broken crystal
DeathCry comments on how ship flew into the sun.
Xavier says that he will ask Beast to restore crystals.
DeathCry says she wants to help.
Xavier tags Brian and Meggan and Casse
Xavier heads for Doorway

Gambit Here.
War Room:
Bishop arrives
Cyclops arrives
Cyclops suspicious
Beast Arrives
Beast says it is not Ahab
Cyclops asks why only blue mutants.
Nightcrawler, Bishop, Shadow comment on Rogue being taken
Cyclops wants to know why security was down
Cyclops comments on Rogue’s family ties to Blue People
Wolverine enters.
Valerie, Sagan, J12, Psylocke appear
Allegra Reports
Sagan reports...OOC Is a mutant?
Hounds have mutant signatures.
Big guys smell like perfume.
Psylocke reports
Iceman reports in
Jean Grey reports in
Jean Grey comments its not Ahab
Shadow suggests they look for Rogue
Jade arrives and badmouths Rogue
Storm arrives and feels sympathy for Psylocke
Beast suspects Mystique
Shadow, Nightcrawler, Bishop
Bishop cannot contact Scarlet
Foto Enters, and snuggles Bobby

Scarlet, Badguys, Reactions here.
Nocturne fires Hex Bolt at Lock
Warren Worthington wakes up
Mystique put out that her tools are back at the boathouse

Nobody in place.
Shadow goes to the Mansion
Nightcrawler goes to the Mansion
Valerie fluff.
J12 reports
Sagan tells Shadow.
Shadow repairs boathouse.
Shadow and Nightcrawler leave for War Room.

Scarlet Captured
Rogue vanishes

19th January 2003

thewinteroak6:49pm: Winter's Current PGCs....
Ooh! Updated my PGC list.

Player Generated Characters

15th January 2003

thewinteroak1:12pm: Bless you, Miss Bianca!
Miss Bianca betsybraddock has updated our web page!

Its Flash, and several copies at different addresses to handle bandwiths!

Site #1

Site #2

Site #3

10th January 2003

thewinteroak8:16am: Good News! Hello, Weezer!
Yes! There's a note from Weezer, and he's okay.

Heya D!

1st January 2003

thewinteroak10:45am: Monthly Stats




Team Total






Blue People








What's up with Jarvis?




Avengers Mansion




Massachusetts Academy
















Heart Of Time




Alpha Flight




The Deadly Fall




Muir Isle




Hellfire Club




Holiday Party







3rd December 2002

thewinteroak11:03pm: The Month of November
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<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>X-Men</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>X-Mansion</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>2</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>179</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Wedding</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>177</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right">
<tr><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Generation X and Hellions</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Carnival</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>36</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>177</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Mass Academy</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>141</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>X-Force</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Heart of Time</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>30</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>114</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>X-Force</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>84</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Avengers</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Avengers Mansion</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>1</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>91</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>What's Up With Jarvis</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>90</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Excalibur</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>The Deadly Fall</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>5</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>43</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Muir Isle</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>38</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>X-Factor</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Hala Needs Women</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>32</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>32</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Other</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Other</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>5</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>5</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Spiderman</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>New York City</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>3</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>3</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Beta Flight</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Niagra Falls</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>0</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>0</b></font></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>Hellfire Club</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF"><font color="#000000"><b>HFC Mansion</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>0</b></font></td><td bgcolor="#CCFFFF" align="right"><font color="#000000"><b>0</b></font></td></tr></table>
thewinteroak11:03pm: The Month of November
Mass Academy141
X-ForceHeart of Time30114
AvengersAvengers Mansion191
What's Up With Jarvis90
ExcaliburThe Deadly Fall543
Muir Isle38
X-FactorHala Needs Women3232
SpidermanNew York City33
Beta FlightNiagra Falls00
Hellfire ClubHFC Mansion00
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