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Reviewing Blue People for my posting round tonight.
The plot is so busy, I made a thumbnail sketch of the events.
When I get a nice long one, I like to keep it somewhere. :D

That's really how I started out the old plot posts and location posts.
But that was before the game got so big. Imagine trying to do a dozen of these.:D:D:D In one night.


None of mine in place.
Iceman goes to see Wolverine
Bishop goes to Elevator
Psylocke needs outfit
Jean Grey frustrated
Wolverine escorts Deathcry to Xavier
Foto teleports Sasha

Brian and Meggan here.
Xavier in Study with Spellsong
DeathCry introduces herself, with broken crystal
Xavier dismisses Wolverine
Xavier questions DeathCry
Casse tags Brian and Meggan
Casse tells of how to read a broken crystal
DeathCry comments on how ship flew into the sun.
Xavier says that he will ask Beast to restore crystals.
DeathCry says she wants to help.
Xavier tags Brian and Meggan and Casse
Xavier heads for Doorway

Gambit Here.
War Room:
Bishop arrives
Cyclops arrives
Cyclops suspicious
Beast Arrives
Beast says it is not Ahab
Cyclops asks why only blue mutants.
Nightcrawler, Bishop, Shadow comment on Rogue being taken
Cyclops wants to know why security was down
Cyclops comments on Rogue’s family ties to Blue People
Wolverine enters.
Valerie, Sagan, J12, Psylocke appear
Allegra Reports
Sagan reports...OOC Is a mutant?
Hounds have mutant signatures.
Big guys smell like perfume.
Psylocke reports
Iceman reports in
Jean Grey reports in
Jean Grey comments its not Ahab
Shadow suggests they look for Rogue
Jade arrives and badmouths Rogue
Storm arrives and feels sympathy for Psylocke
Beast suspects Mystique
Shadow, Nightcrawler, Bishop
Bishop cannot contact Scarlet
Foto Enters, and snuggles Bobby

Scarlet, Badguys, Reactions here.
Nocturne fires Hex Bolt at Lock
Warren Worthington wakes up
Mystique put out that her tools are back at the boathouse

Nobody in place.
Shadow goes to the Mansion
Nightcrawler goes to the Mansion
Valerie fluff.
J12 reports
Sagan tells Shadow.
Shadow repairs boathouse.
Shadow and Nightcrawler leave for War Room.

Scarlet Captured
Rogue vanishes
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