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The Bamf Squad


Plot: Blue People
Who: Gambit, The Bamf Squad, The Blue People Club, Shagreen, Dexter
Where: Otherworld, Street, outside The Blue People Club
MoveTo: Otherworld, Blue People Club floor
When: Plot Time/Evening
OOC: The time is now evening on Otherworld.
OOC: I have permits to move both Storm and Rogue.
OOC: Yes, its the Bamf Squad! Those annoying hair-pulling, power-checking, and space-station spying NPC group that hasn't been seen for a long, long time, in their quest to find those who are True Blue!

Gambit offered an arm, one to Stormy, and one to Rogue.
"Chere, you doin' alright?" he asked the Mississippi Maurader.
From her transformation into Mystique, Rogue had seemed suddenly to be much colder than before. Mystique's personality creeping into Rogue? He was worried. What might she do? The idea of someone as crazy as Mystique with Rogue's powers was unnerving.

But on his other arm, was Stormy. Regal, even with her new blue look, as she took his arm as well. He sauntered past the burly guard on the door, a goddess on one arm, and a femme fatale upon the other.

The glowing blue arch hummed as he and the other two moved underneath, and entered the club. "I hope tae others do okay" he said to them both, as he found himself greeted by a waiter, also blue, this one with a cobalt sheen to his skin. Various other people about the room were various shades of blue. Some had a glowing blue aura, but were otherwise human looking. A pair of women were sitting at a table, chatting to eachother, but their hair was a shocking shade of bright blue. A group of what looked like various blue bulky muscle types were drinking daquari's in a booth, covered with a heavy shag fur, as if Beast had let himself go. Except the voices were feminine. A pair of young men were sitting on the front row, grinning at the ladies, and making rude comments to everyone.

"Hey, ladies, ladies!" one of them said. "You don't want to be hanging around this feathered jerk. Come over here with us."

"Yeah." said another. "Just obey us. Come with us. A few drinks, and then we'll take you somewhere where you can feel real good." the other said. And his eyes started to glow. "You have to obey us."

A pair of heavy hands clamped down on either shoulder of the pair. "Youse two are done with this here table" a large, scaled creature, with long yellow teeth said. "Youse know the house rules. No mind controlth orth command powerth allowed" There was a *BAMF*, and a front row table was suddenly vacated.

"Youth justh in time" the large, scaly man said, having trouble talking between his fangs. "Pleath be seated, and enjoyth yourselfth" The huge beastlike creature in a tux moved off to another corner of the lounge, where he sat in shadows and watched. His name was Mr. Hector to the people at the club, a friend of the owner, and he enjoyed taking out and dishing out the trash.

There was laughter from the next table, a deliberate snicker. Looking over at the table, Gambit was surprised to see someone who looked like a cross between Bill Gates and Nightcrawler. "Oh, that was precious." he said, looking at the people on the next table. "Those two have been trying to push themselves on every woman in the place. They hate my guts because I chased them off from Dice." The man? Being? "Bamf" he said, polishing his glasses. "Wheeler Bamf. I'm the manager for the band here tonight. You've managed to get some of the best seats. "

That was when the ambient music in the room stopped, and various members of the audience went quiet. A woman's voice could be heard over the public address system. "Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Bluest part of the multiverse tonight, without anyone being the least bit sad. For your entertainment pleasure tonight, we have a the one and only Bamf Squad Rhythm and Blues Review!"

The curtain to the stage drew aside, and a dark stage was revealed. "Tonight, on the drums, we have the very rad and mad man Punky Bamf!" A spotlight fell on a drum riser in the back, where a man not unlike Kurt with a Mohawk sat, and did a quick signature bit on his drums.

"On the keyboard, we have the extremely talented and nimble-fingered Chance Bamf!" A second light swung over to the man at the keyboard, and there was another tailed blue person, wearing shades and a black duster, as he zipped his fingers over the keyboard with a zing.

"And of course, we have our fresh and talented Saxophonist here tonight, back with us after several months. You can feel your bones melt at her mellow tones. Scarlet Bamf!"
A light shown down, and fell upon a Bamf who was standing on the side. She was dressed in blue denim jeans and a blue denim jacket with bright polished copper buttons, with dark hair with a blue streak through it. But her face...her face was the same as Rogue's missing sister! But she was younger, maybe only just fifteen or so, while Scarlet Darkholme must have been in her twenties.
Then the spotlight fell onto the center stage, and a tall female Bamf figure came to the front. She had the same blue skin, with short, short hair, and a pale blue spot over her left eye. She wore a long red jumpsuit, and had a silver jazz guitar slung over one shoulder as she came up to the mic. "And we'd like to start off with our first number..."


Dexter stared furiously at the Blue People club. Well, well. Three sucker fish into the bowl with the rest of them. He'd get his own back. Scowling, he went back down a separate side alley, until he came upon one of the balcony's that looked over the ground a mile or more below where the city floated. He took a yellow crystal out of his pocket and concentrated.

"I hear you pay for information." he said. "The Blue People club is packed tonight. Just what you like. Bamfs. And they have friends visiting too. One looks like something out of a comic book, with red hair. Another looks like a reject from Star Trek, and the last one...well the last one's a cute little birdy that would look good deep fried."

*Bamfs?* a harsh voice said. *Always useful in my research. Well worth the price. And they have their friends there today?*

"Yeah. Three of them." Dexter said. "One's a flame haired babe with stars on her skin. Like something out of Carl Sagan's daydreams."

*Excellent* the crystal replied. *Sounds indeed like she may be a source for Dark Matter particles. I will come myself.*

Dexter grinned. Payback for the redeye.

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