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The Month of July

Plot/LocationPostsSizeGroupTotal PostsTotal SizePost SizePosts Per DaySize per day
Massachusetts Academy 2251695Faculty/GenX/Hellions22516957.537.2654.68
Peace On Earth 64636The Avengers1039519.233.3230.68
Avengers-Mansion 39315The Avengers
X-Mansion 59355X-Men966556.823.1021.13
Blue People 37300X-Men
Vandal Hearts 00X-Men
Dream A Little Dream 88687Limited Series886877.812.8422.16
Midnight Society 51296Midnight Society512965.801.659.55
Taskmaster Institute 41272Taskmaster Institute412726.631.328.77
Norway 30217Limited Series302177.230.977.00
Other 28186Limited Series281866.640.906.00
Summer Fun 36249Limited Series262499.580.848.03
Breakthrough 22145Crusaders221456.590.714.68
Crusaders 00Crusaders
The Deadly Fall 18146Excalibur181468.110.584.71
Muir Isle 00Excalibur
Hala Needs Women 1179CCC181347.440.584.32
Crescent City Champions 755CCC
Death In The Sewers 17138X-Force171388.120.554.45
X-Force 00X-Force
Hellfire Club 00HFC000.000.030.00
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