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The Winter Oak

Plot Post

The Winter Oak Presents:

The Plot Post!

Stories covered the post:

Excalibur! TDF: The Deadly Fall
The Hellfire Club! LL: The Lions and the Lambs
The Massachusetts Academy! PH: The Pooka Hunt

Excalibur: The Deadly Fall (TDF)
Things are not well in the Black Pine building, though it seems
the heroes are on the upswing! After Pete Wisdom's group confronted
the Black Air Operative Threadgold in the Penthouse of the Black Pine
building, Threadgold ordered the building's computer, SCARAB, to take
out all the intruders. But as Pete's group escaped to the eigth floor
due to the assistance of Magik, Psi-Knight captured Threadgold using
her powers to construct a net. While dealing with the intruder system on the eigth floor, Illyana has taken the captured Threadgold and the witness Aimee Katsura to Limbo, while Pete Wisdom and Psi-Knight have
gone downstairs to join Shadowcat's team.

Shadowcat's team have escaped the attack on the fourth floor, where the robot Beltron was blasted by SCARAB. Beltron's head has been rescued by Mancat, as Poltergeist leads the way down to the Cellar Door, which leads to the mystery of the beautiful woman, (Aka Sekhment Conoway) in the basement of the building. Lockheed has beaten Wisdom to find Shadowcat, who has been injured when Scarab electified the stairwell.

But open the door...

The Hellfire Club: The Lion and the Lambs (LL)
As members of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club,
both Royals and Pawns, go about their daily lives,
various strange individuals keep interrupting them.
In the sauna, at the curb, on the way home to the theatre,
they are confronted by various people all pestering them.

But as soon as their Mutant powers are used, these people,
the Lambs, collapse and cannot be questioned. And then the
Shepherds show up. Super strong, fast, and with a frightenigly
fast ability to heal, this robots seek to kill those who have
targeted their lambs!

Can the Hellfire Club get away from these human traps, and
find their souce? Find out, in The Lion and the Lambs!

The Academy: The Pooka Hunt (PH)
Generation X, the Faculty, The Hellions, and the Students are all finding out why people couldn't stand Larry Hama's run on Gen X.
Yes, The Winter Oak has gone quite mad, and brought the Token and
the Pooka into his base.

Or has he? As has been revealed in battle between the Token and the
Headmaster, Dhampyr, the Token is not what it seems. Its a demon,
not an elemental haunt of fear. What is a demon doing in the Biodrome?
And if the Token isn't a Token, then what is the Pooka? Already, the Pooka has gone out onto the campus and put colorful hats upon students
and teachers alike. The bodies of those affected go to the Biodrome,
while their minds wake up on a dreamscape in a tortured Astral Plane!

But the Faculty are on alert, and Dhampyr and Prime have sounded the alarms...but can the kids and their teachers be succesful agaisnt
their foes in...The Pooka Hunt!
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