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Monthly Plot Post

Good Evening.

Here is a plot post for the Hellfire Club, Excalibur, Scabbard,
Generation X, and Hellions

Excalibur: Mind Your Z's and Q's
The Zombie Queen has taken over the Swiss canton of Berne, and even now mobs of Zombies, humans under her mind control, are advancing upon the heroes.

Not only that, but the quick Jackrabbit, the explosive Facet, and the sinister Poison all protect their Queen from the advance of Excalibur against her station in the Clock tower.

Can Excalibur stop the Zombie Queen?

Pending: Excalibur: The Music of the Spheres
An archaic manuscript has come into the possession of Moira MacTaggart, describing the music of Ludwig Von Beethoven. The document describes on how his ten symphonies link to the ten planets of the solar system. But, surely there are only nine symphonies, and nine planets? And what does this have to do with the Aquarius Project? What is the Aquarius project? Will Excalibur be able to solve the mystery in Time?

Hellfire Club: Lion and the Lambs

The final assault on the Lion in his Den has begun. Even now, Sebastian Shaw and Naiad have distracted the forces of the mad Larry Trask at the main gate of the cult cavern compound.

At the same time, the forces of the Black Queen, Psylocke, and her allies in the White Court and the Black have penetrated and taken over the ventilation system of the underground base. Soon, they have pumped sleeping gas into the cavern.

But not everything is so simple. The Rams and their Dogs are dangerous, deadly even, and do not succumb. And now, a force-field protects the Lion's inner sanctum from the rest of the cavern. How will the Hellfire Club penetrate the defenses and stop the Lion and the Lambs?

Massachusetts Academy: Vini, Vidi, Vici
Its a quiet day at the Massachusetts Academy. Class is in session, with Wither teaching Physics and Caffeine teaching computers. Class is in session and Generation X has some trouble handling the daily routine.

Also, Emma Frost has to deal with a mysterious shipment of weapons and equipment she did not order. Instead, they have come from Sebastian Shaw! Is the Hellfire Club seeking to interfere with the Academy?
Emma has not yet recovered from her ordeal during the Recruitment Fair, perhaps Shaw is sending her a message.

Meanwhile, the young Heroes of Beta Flight have arrived and have challenged the Hellions to combat training in the north Meadow. Sparky and Portal face off against Ruubes and Negate!

Who is going to win? The Leafs or the Bruins?

Massachusetts Academy: Model Student
Not everything that goes on with the Mutant community happens on the campus. An art group nearby specializes in recording interesting anatomy, such as wings and scales and antennas, for works of fantasy art.

Several students, including the Dove, are ready for an art session off campus. Though at least one of the artists, the prognosticating Progress, is more than he seems.

Time for a field trip!

Massachusetts Academy: Detention Hall
Displeased with Trinity and Dove, the White Queen has thrown them into the underworld mindscape of the Morlocks to face Sabretooth! Perhaps this is unkind, but the Morlock's Caliban and Marrow are their to help. Can the two Mutant students deliver their message to the Morlock leader Calisto?

Massachusetts Academy: Quest for Redemption
Santanna has been tracked to her Cathedral, and the Hellions and the Faculty from the Masschusetts Academy have entered trying to find their missing Headmaster, Dhampyr. And even as they do so, the strange woman Lilith has told them that he is in danger! Too bad they don't know that she is the Daughter of Dracula!

Pending: Massachusetts Academy: 4MF
After Vini, Vidi, Vici, a new story begins, involving Emma Frost's
cloned children, Reverie and Hardlight, and their father...,
The Dark Beast!

Scabbard: Mutant Tour of Britain
The dastardly Bloodhenge attacked Micromax in his home, having frustrated the madman's attempt to take his daughter away. Now, in the aftermath, the Liverpool CID is asking to interview Arianna.

At the same time, Ebb and Flo are recovering at Muir Isle. So, one group from Scabbard is on its way to meet Excalibur, and to pick up the two orphans.

Also, in Oxford, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne are doing research into Pym Particles. Who else, other than the amazing Ant Man, to help Sprite become a normal girl again?

Its the Mutant Tour of Britain!
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