The Winter Oak (thewinteroak) wrote in mutantmansion,
The Winter Oak

Things are out of joint....

Oh, my, I've missed the last two months statistics postings. :*hides face*

Oh, well. Two new, three new story ideas I'm working on for the game.

First, its the 'Queens of Sorrow', a Hellfire Club story based upon the fact that ....
Zombie, Silver, Black, White, Red, Former....? Six queens for the Hellfire club, with only two slots?
Oh, dear. Perfect for staging a story. >:)
Mainly, I forsee a battle between the White and the Zombie.

Next is the "Something of the Biodrome", where Winter takes on the Pooka and the Token.
Oh, yes. I've got plans for something to happen when 60 new students suddenly add their
minds and emotions to the Massachusetts Academy population. Legion is in a good position
to be a key player in the storyarc, too.

And finally....I'm thinking of doing the June Picnic Story.
Picnic at the beach. Volleyball, Fishing off the pier, cookout with grill and potluck dinner,
And a clothing optional beach and Battlemechs for players to go up against characters and such.
Should be fun. I hope I can get it approved.
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