The Winter Oak (thewinteroak) wrote in mutantmansion,
The Winter Oak

Mid Week

Time to begin the mid-week posting round.

TDF is ready for the Cellar Event. Probably obvious to anyone
who examines what little is in the room, and who is not there.
Kitty Pryde should be having flashbacks, though there is no sewer
under the floor.

LL is ready for the gathering of the Club, I think.
Most of the members are at a point where they can go to the
Hellfire Mansion. I'll mention it OOC, probably.

PH: Time for a huddle. Those players not going to the Heroes
meeting will be running into either the Token or Elmo.
I've dropped hints everywhere about the Token, and surprised
no one has twigged his true name yet. Anyhow, only one more feeding
for him to be corporeal.

DA: Kendall, Progress, and Onion are at the Base. I'm keeping
my character count down to three.

And going Inactive. Scarlet and Contact are going out,
but Smidsy appears to be going Active. With so many at the Academy,
the lil'Stinker has a chance to play.
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